Friday, August 31, 2007

Stored Procedure vs Triggers

Last time, I wrote an article and focussed on Using SELECT, Views and Stored Procedures in SQL Server. I was quite glad to differentiate the three and its Pros & Cons. I was not even given much importance of Trigger not because of NO TIME. To be honest, I was just a beginner in use of Triggers. In this article I decided to write about Triggers and its difference with Stored Procedure. We had a team meeting to incorporate the audit information in our organization.

After a few months, we had a debate to incorporate the audit information either in Stored Procedure or Trigger. In the meeting, the set of team member has suggested having audit statements in Triggers and another set of team member has recommended having audit statements in Stored Procedures. I was totally confused to take a decision. Then, I told my team members to stop the debate. I requested my team members to involve in R&D for few days before come to the conclusion and judge the Pros & Cons of the two. This is how the article has been born to have audit information in our project. I devoted my influence to write an article on Stored ProcedureVsTrigger and to differentiate the two and its Pros & Cons.

So, how do I start! I decided to use some information from my previous article I have introduced the characters that would be involving in the article before the initiative. These characters would play important role in the article.

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